FREE DOWNLOAD: SNL’s Fred Armisen’s “Ian Rubbish,” “It’s A Lovely Day”

Fred Armisen Ian Rubbish & the Bizzaros Wallpaper

You know what? Today is a lovely day, and the best way to celebrate it is with a free download of SNL’s Fred Armisen and his fake (but totally legit in my book) band, Ian Rubbish & the Bizzaros’ song, “It’s A Lovely Day!”  The mid-tempo song is an incredibly deep look into the human psyche when one is having a bad day, and encourages people everywhere to look on  the bright side of things.  For example:

“When your cup of tea
Is filled with sour milk sea
You’ve got to say,
It’s a lovely day.”

God, that cuts to the core of me.

In conclusion, all hail King Armisen, as we are not worthy of your greatness. You can download the fantastic track here, and have a lovely day, folks.

Ian Rubbish Fred Armisen Lovely Day Lyrics


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