Aqua Rhythm – Crazy

Crazy Aqua Rhythm

For fans of: Palma Violets, Smith Westerns, The Orwells

BandCamp discoveries are always difficult, and it’s rare that we find a group that is truly a cut above the rest. Something about them needs to stand out, needs to speak to us, and we are admittedly a pretty tough crowd.

…That being said, meet Aqua Rhythm, the FANTASTIC fuzz-filled surf-rock band who just released their sophomore album, “Crazy,” on BandCamp, fo’ FREE! The album kicks off with the spacey, reverb-packed jam, “Crazy,” that will have you tapping your toes and singing along in no time. “Crazy” speaks of an unbalanced relationship, with frontman¬†Troy Braunstein wailing, “Yeah it makes me crazy, crazy when I…I can’t see you when I’m down, and I know that you’re not bothered by this, that just makes me feel crazy…” Following “Crazy” is a personal favorite track of ours: “Cause and Effect.” Sounding like a combination of Smith Westerns and Palma Violets with a hint of Japandroids, Aqua Rhythm manages to create an incredibly relateable song, waxing lyrical about getting oneself in a rut, and continually spiraling downward. “I remember when I lost my mind,” Troy croons, “That wasn’t a very good time, now was it?” Lastly, “What’s Been Done” dabbles in the blues with a sound of fuzzy Orwells meets early White Stripes. Overall, the three short tracks provide a stellar look into what’s hopefully in store for the talented band!

You can find more Aqua Rhythm here, and support them by liking them on Facebook here.

Track Listing:

  1. Crazy
  2. Cause and Effect
  3. What’s Been Done

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