The Lonely Island Release Grammatical New Song, ‘Semicolon,” ft. Solange

the lonely island, semicolons, solange
As an activist against misused semicolons, I have to thank SpaceJam for letting me take this one.  The Lonely Island released a lyric video for “Semicolon,” a new song featuring smooth vocals from Solange.  The song begins with Maya Rudolph’s voice welcoming us to grammar class, The Lonely Island posing as the star students, or so they think.

Andy Samberg tells the teacher that he and his groupmates use semicolons “everyday.”  This already caught my eye, because I figured that a song about grammar wouldn’t have grammatically incorrect lyrics; it should be “every day.”  Welp, anyway.  The three continue on, rapping about anything that comes to mind, I guess.  After every phrase, there is a semi-colon and then a related word.  Wait, this doesn’t seem right.  This is where the importance of watching the ENTIRE video comes into play.  Only at the end of the video is the true comedy realized.  Grammar nerds, this one’s all for you.

Watch the lyric video below!

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