Happy Birthday, Bradley Nowell!

On this day in 1968 ska superstar Bradley Nowell was born in Long Beach, California.  Brad would grow up to be the frontman for one of the first and greatest ska punk bands to have a major influence in the 1990’s, Sublime.  Along with bandmates Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, Nowell would become the voice and leader of the ska scene on the west coast.  Unfortunately, like many of the greats, Nowell struggled with drug addiction and died of a Heroin overdose on May 25th, 1196, just one week after getting married and shortly before Sublime’s first major-label debut was set to be released.  He is survived by his wife, Troy Dendekker, his son, Jakob, and his millions of fans that both idolize him and his music to this day.  Keep on keepin’ on, Brad, and save me a cold 40 oz in Heaven, will ya?

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