Top 10 Basic Music Festival Essentials

Music Festival

It’s that time of year again: FESTIVAL SEASON! For those of you lucky enough to attend a summer music festival, the best way to have an unforgettable time is to be prepared, and we thought we’d make your lives easier by listing out the essentials! So snatch these must-haves up and have an amazing time!

1) SUNGLASSES: It may seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at just how many people forget these, and complain for the rest of the day about how “it’s too bright” and how they “can’t even see anything!” Don’t be “that guy.”  My personal suggestion? Urban Boundaries Eyewear Aviators. Affordable and functional, offer the darkest and biggest protection from the sun, so you won’t be squinting into the light anytime soon.
Aviator Sunglasses

2) SUNSCREEN: This probably seems like even more of a given than the last one, but if the past has taught me anything, it’s that you will always almost forget sunscreen and end up regretting it the next day when you look (and feel) like a lobster.  Avoid the burn with Banana Boat Sport Spray, which is easy to apply AND prank-proof for those friends who like to leave spots uncovered on your back.
Banana Boat Sport Spray

3) WATER: Music festivals are notorious for overcharging for literally everything, so stick it to the man in style with an adorable BPA-Free Bobble water bottle!  It comes in a rainbow of colors and is promised to keep you both hydrated AND rich.
Bobble BPA-Free Water Bottle

4) HAND SANITIZER: Since the dawn of time (okay, fine, maybe since like…the 60’s…) festivals have been a gathering place for dirty hippies, earth muffins, and just plain old music lovers to come together in peace. Stay happy, healthy, and smelling fresh with a Bath & Body Works “PocketBac,” which comes in countless different scents AND a holder to latch onto any backpack or beltloop you deem fit!
Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea PocketBack With Pink Holder

5) BUG SPRAY: No one likes creepy-crawlies, especially when they’re feeling particularly “bite-y.” Save yourself from the itch and sting of pests with some scented “Off!” bug spray – you’ll be smelling like a rose but not attracting bugs like one!
Off! Tropical Scent Bug Spray

6) TOILET PAPER: Now, I consider us all friends here, so I think a little potty talk is acceptable, don’t you? Great. Take it from me: if you’re going to a music festival, bring some extra TP. There is nothing – I repeat, NOTHING worse than finally getting to the John after an hour long wait only to find that you can’t even wipe. Now, if you don’t want to let everyone know just how much you love to “squeeze the Charmin,” try a to-go pack!
Charmin To-Go Toilet Paper

7) PORTABLE CELL PHONE CHARGER: It’s a fact of life – when you’re at a festival, your phone WILL die, and it WILL piss you off for the rest of the day.  Why not just avoid that altogether with a portable cell phone charger – one that’s cheetah print, nonetheless?!
Cheetah Print Portable Phone Charger

8) FIRST AID KIT: Let’s face it – if you’re having as much fun as you SHOULD be having at a music festival, you’re going to need a first aid kit.  Best to keep a little tiny one in you’re pocket, because really, nothing is more of a buzzkill than a hospital visit, hamiright?
Mini First Aid Kit

9) LIGHTERS: Not for that, man! (Okay, fine…maybe a little bit for that…) but mainly, always have a lighter for a concert so you can hold it up during the inevitable cover of “Freebird” that a band or fellow drunken concertgoer will serenade you with.  Having a legit lighter is SO much better than those cell phone lighter apps that everyone has nowadays, go oldschool with an actual one, and bring a couple extras!
Rainbow Lighters

10) A FLASK: Don’t look at me like that. This is, hands down, the best way to get wastey-pants and you know it. End of story.
Silver Flask

So, there ya have it, folks! HAPPY FESTIVAL SEASON!

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