WWE Superstars Sing Taylor Swift’s ‘22’

cm punk, 22, taylor swift
In preparation for yesterday’s Wrestlemania, the WWE superstars prepared by…singing karaoke to Taylor Swift’s “22?”  Fine by me!

The wrestlers are used to performing live, but when it came to singing for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, a few seemed a little shy;  The “show-off” Dolph Ziggler kept his head down (probably reading lyrics), and Divas champion Kaitlyn declared “I suck” mid-verse.  Sgt. Slaughter, Hornswoggle, and “the essence of mustachio magnificence,” Cody Rhodes, seem fairly tone-deaf, but the hilarity that ensues is worth every flat note.  Jimmy Hart doesn’t sound half bad, and the Funkasaurus, Brodus Clay, doesn’t offer any more than a few “ah hahs,” but he sings them well.

Ex-WWE Champion, CM Punk, takes the cake with his emotive, spoken word rendition of the chorus, hand gestures and all.  His parts sound more like an inspirational speech than a fun pop song, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t put it on my iPod (maybe I’m biased because I love CM Punk but…who doesn’t?).  At least he performed well here before losing to The Undertaker in an incredible match later on that night (THE STREAK LIVES!)

Overall, we wonder how such a lack of rhythm can translate into such skilled in-ring work, but the entertainment value is sky-high either way.  Maybe next time they can have Chris Jericho, who’s actually a singer, or someone like The Great Khali, who really would’ve had us on the floor laughing with his expertise vocal skills.

Watch the WWE superstars show you how they’re “feeling 22″ below!

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