Ultra Music Festival Adds $90 Service Fee to 2014 Tickets

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According to the outraged comments on Ultra Music Festival’s Facebook, the fest may not be seeing as many people next year as it originally thought.  A decent reason is that on top of a $399.95 dollar three day pass, there is a $90 (and five cents) service fee added to the hefty price, making the total almost five hundred dollars.

ultra music festival


While we understand that service fees are often a necessity to keep companies on their feet, this seems like a just a bit much.  While the festival is all about good vibes, PLUR style, those looking forward to the 2014 event don’t feel as though their wallets are being respected, especially with many having to worry about travel and lodging expenses.  There is already a “Boycott Ultra Music Festival” page created, currently nearing 5,000 likes.  The page’s description says it all:

Ultra Music Festival dangled $150 early bird tickets over our heads and laughed at us all as the server crawled along, eventually crashing. The price quickly rose to $500 per ticket and then miraculously, no one was experiencing slow downs and we could purchase with no issues. Seems a little too convenient, doesn’t it?

Don’t let Ultra push the fans around. Not only is $500 overpriced, but the way we were all slapped in the face by the price makes it even worse. Lets show them what a huge mistake they’ve made and BOYCOTT ULTRA. Do not fall for their bait and switch pricing scheme. The founders of Ultra do not deserve our hard earned money.

Now, THAT’S a rebellion.  Okay, so maybe it’s just a Facebook page that’s looking a little too far into conspiracy theories, but the people really just want to enjoy some fun DJ sets, and a ruined chance at cheaper tickets is just as unfair as the full-price ticket itself.  With all of the negative commentary, it’ll be interesting to see if the turnout actually declines for 2014.

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