Crookers Release ‘Summerclub Mix’

crookers, edm, summer
Italian EDM duo turned solo DJ, Crookers, is now composed only of Phra Barbaglia, but he’s showing no signs of slowing down.  Barbaglia is planning on releasing monthly mini mixes for the summer that are press-play ready for your upcoming crazy summer pool parties (invite me!).

The first mix, “Summerclub Mix” has premiered, and it’s a full thirty minutes of new jams and bumpin’ beats.  We’re stoked that Barbaglia has gotten around to this series after being distracted in the past:

I used to do it years ago…I really wanted to make a monthly series with the most amazing club stuff around to shake the booty to. Then after the third one I stopped because I got too busy reading ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I hope this time it will be a longer series, but I just bought all the ‘Game of Thrones’ books.

We ALL know how addictive anything ‘Game of Thrones’ is, so hopefully Crookers doesn’t fall off the map mid-summer.  We’re sure that a positive response to this first mix will help encourage him, so get that booty shaking!


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