Eminem’s Music Publisher Suing Facebook for Copyright Infringement

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Eminem may have seventy million Facebook fans, but he certainly isn’t a fan of Facebook infringing on his copyright, which it may have done with an online ad.  The social media site is currently being sued by his publisher for copying music from Em’s “Under The Influence” track.

Eight Mile Style has also complained to the ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, but Guy Cohen, the agency’s attorney, said that Eminem’s “Under The Influence” was a copy of Michael Jackson’s “Give in to Me,” blaming Dr. Dre’s “history of copyright infringement.”  It’s getting sort of complicated here, but “Under the Influence” was actually co-written with D12 and produced by the Bass Brothers, so that argument isn’t looking too great.

Eminem worked with Wieden + Kennedy in the past for a successful Chrysler ad, which just goes to show that no one is safe from Marshall Mathers’ sh*t list.  Except maybe his daughter, Hailie.  We can’t wait to see how this plays out!  You can watch the now altered Facebook ad in question below:

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