The Begging Sea Premieres ‘Lightly Stepping’ Video

the begging sea, nathan henry, sherwood, lightly stepping
The Begging Sea, a.k.a. Nathan Henry, has premiered a music video for a song entitled “Lightly Stepping,” which will be on this new project’s forthcoming debut album.  We’ve previously heard and admired Henry’s talents from his time in Sherwood (one of the first touring indie bands I ever saw live who seriously helped shape my music taste), but this new music is not Sherwood, and it has proven that it doesn’t need to be.

The video, which premiered on, is a lovely piece created with mostly paper materials.  The animation was done by Brandon Ray, who created a construction paper sky with cotton clouds, and more importantly, believable emotions from lonely, cutout people.  The song itself is essentially described by the lyrics that appear right on screen: “lightly stepping with a heavy heart.”  The track is relaxed but driving, and Henry’s voice explores heartfelt lyrics soothingly.  One listen-through and you’ll be sure to join me in the anticipatory wait for the summer release.

Luckily, if you pre-order the album now, you’ll be given an immediate download of “Lightly Stepping!”  You’ll probably want to get on that; watch the video now to see why if you won’t take my word for it.

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