Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get Itchy In The New Video For “Mosquito”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito Music Video

Get ready to bug out with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because this one is a doozy:

You know that stomach-turning feeling you have when you find a mosquito on your skin?  You know what I’m talking about, when your entire brain just focuses on the simple fact that there is a bug…on your skin…invading your body…SUCKING YOUR FREAKING BLOOD EW GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF-


…Got it.

That feeling is exactly what you’ll experience in the just-released new music video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs title track off their newest album, “Mosquito.”  The video shows a CGI mosquito feeding off an unsuspecting child, slowly growing with each slurp.  The ending is…unexpected to say the least, so I’ll let you all see for yourself.  Get ready to scratch!

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