Watch Justin Bieber’s Cameo On “The Simpsons”

buy Soma with no rx Justin Bieber The Simpsons cheap soma cod Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is making headlines again with his 10-second-long cameo in the popular sitcom “The Simpsons,” but not necessarily for the right reasons.  Beliebers are up in arms about how the show handled the appearance, with the episode revolving around a “10 & under talent show” that Justin tries to get into.  Before the cartoon likeness of Bieber appears, a text comes across the bottom of the screen saying:

can you buy soma cash on delivery “THIRTY SECONDS TO BIEBER – YOU MAY START OR STOP WATCHING, ACCORDING TO YOUR BELIEFS.” Soma CASH ON DELIVERY ~ ONLINE PHARMACY FOR Soma After Bieber’s says his line, “That’s another 25 bucks we’ll never see. God!”  More text appears, reading:

order Soma WITHOUT SCRIPT “ALL CLEAR – THE SIMPSONS WILL BE BIEBER-FREE FROM THIS POINT ON.” Cheap Soma no prescription next day delivery Mean Girls Snickering Gif

buy soma online Whatever, Bieber fan or not, you can’t even tell me that wasn’t a decent burn on The Simpsons part. Well done.

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