Want to Spend a Night with Thirty Seconds to Mars?

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QUESTION: RHETORICAL.  It was, however, not just to grab your attention.  Thirty Seconds to Mars is actually holding a contest for fans to spend the night with them…all you have to do is pre-order their album, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams to enter.  How’s THAT for genius marketing?

The contest is dubbed “The Sleepover,” and will have five lucky winners spend what’s sure to be the best night of their lives in “The Mars Lab.”  Here are the exact details, as stated on the band’s site:

Ever wonder what it’s like to be at THE MARS LAB?

Want to come see?

Even better, wanna spend the night?

Then we have got the contest for you.

Pre-order your copy of LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS for a chance to be one of 5 WINNERS who will receive an exclusive invitation to THE LAB for a magical night we are calling…

If you win you will be able to come spend a fun filled night in the birthplace of LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and other MARS creations ON the night of LLFD’s release (May 21st)!

Still want more?

Are you ready???

1 OF THE 5 WINNERS will spend the night at Jareds house IN Jared’s very own BED.

WTF??? Yes, its true.

So, pre-order LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and be instantly entered to win.


PS: … Did someone say VEGAN PANCAKES? SHANNON’S COFFEE? MOFO’S FAMOUS CHICKEN? The possibilities are endless….

PPS: This contest is open to ANYONE who pre-orders any CD or bundle. Already pre-ordered? No worries! We’ll also be including EARLY BELIEVERS to possibly win.


Okay…let’s take a moment to process this.  The band’s making food for you?  That’s awesome….wait, wait.  One winner gets to spend a night in…Jared Leto’s…bed?  I didn’t make that prize up myself…?


thirty seconds to mars

thirty seconds to mars

thirty seconds to mars
Okay, so I find it doubtful that he’ll be in the bed with you, mostly because he’s 41 (yes, really) and there’s a decent chance of a 14 year old winning, but you never know what could happen on Mars.  Even if you are solely attracted to the band’s music, it would still be an incredible experience to hang out with the members, and if you simply pre-order the CD, it’s only ten bucks.  You may not win, but everyone’s a winner when it comes to good music.

Now, excuse me while I die.

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