Bob Dylan Spotted Painting Topless Women In Central Park

Bob Dylan Ross

Bob Dylan? Central Park? Topless women?! YESSSSS! Finally excuse to use this:

Lonely Island Creep Gif

Wait…w-what’s that? It WASN’T in a creepy way?

My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.

The one and only Bob Dylan is raising eyebrows after reports of him and artist friend Richard Prince painting topless models in NYC’s Central Park last Thursday surfaced.  This comes more than a year after Dylan faced criticism for taking inspiration for his paintings from existing photographs, which he responded by calling skeptics of his art, “wussies.”  Some of the biggest “wussies” even speculated that any art EVER done by Dylan was actually painted by Richard Prince, which makes the current situation with the neked girls even more awkies.

It is unfortunately still unclear as to weather the outing points to Dylan making a comeback in the art world, or if it’s simply two bros painting some topless chicks for sh*ts and giggles.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure which one I’m rooting for more.

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