Mariah Carey & Miguel Get Romantic In “#Beautiful” New Video

Mariah Carey Miguel #Beautiful Music Video

Who says that romance is dead? Certainly not stunner Mariah Carey and the suave Miguel in there new video for “#Beautiful,” which is full of sultry innuendos, touching, and…riding.

Creeper Gif

Motorcycles, that is. Get your minds out of the gutter!

The video, that was premiered on “American Idol” just last night, starts with the couple atop of a hot rod fit for some Hell’s Angels, with MiMi clutching to the back of Miguel, before heading into a shed (yes, really,) to sing together, both of their stellar voices blending perfectly.  The remainder of the video is basically a whole lotta this:

Mariah Carey #Beautiful Gif

And even more of this:

Mariah Carey Beautiful Gif

Now, because of this, I’ll admit: the video isn’t exactly anything “special.” But hey, you know what? If I looked like Mariah Carey, I’d do the exact same thing. WERK MIMI!

Mariah Carey Mad Quote

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