Ed Sheeran Talks Changing It Up for New Album

ed sheeran
Talented musician and ginger heartthrob, Ed Sheeran, hasn’t forgotten about writing new music during his North American tour with Taylor Swift.  In fact, maybe the acoustic songwriter should slow down with the new material, considering he is “about forty tracks into the next album!”  Whoa, there.  Only fourteen or so will make the final cut, but it’s comforting to know that Sheeran isn’t taking his writing for his upcoming sophomore effort lightly:

I’m trying to write as many songs as possible; there are times I’ve been prolific and times I’ve not been prolific at all, but I just keep pushing. I think you just have to unclog the pipes and write as many songs as possible.

So, what do these songs sound like?  According to Sheeran, fans shouldn’t be expecting a part two of + (Plus).

It’s definitely leaning towards more of a beat-heavy thing, definitely more hip-hop-like…I think I’ve evolved a bit more since I made the first record, which I think is a healthy thing.

Hip-hop-like?!  Maybe that live mashup cover of “Thrift Shop” and “No Diggity” influenced his sound after all.  It’s hard to imagine Ed Sheeran + hip-hop beats, but we’re sure he’ll make it work (and his Sheerios will stand behind him through thick and thin).  The musician has already begun to demo new tracks, so after his tour ends in September, we can only expect that the recording process won’t drag on for very long.

What do you think about Sheeran stepping out of his comfort zone?  Will his mainstream success continue on with a new album, or do you think fans and critics will give it a – (minus)?  Okay, that was too much.  I’m sorry.  Maybe.

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