One Direction Gets Lei’d

Get your minds out of the gutter!  Not laid (although we’re sure the boys have no trouble with that,) we meant lei’d!  In a too-adorable-for-words preview of their new song, “Kiss You” the boys dress up as sailors (one fantasy down,) do a jailhouse rock-inspired dance number (two fantasies down,) ride motorcycles (that’s three,) run around shirtless with surfboards (we’re up to four,) AND sing in a tropical setting wearing lei’s (not necessarily a fantasy, but the image alone is just cuter than a barrel of puppies, no?)

The video is billed as an “epic adventure” but also “pure stupidity,” which combine to make the boys’ favorite video so far. And, judging by the teaser video, we’re starting to see why.  Unfortunately, there are still four days until the video is released, but not to worry, Directioners, you can check out the preview video, below, to satisfy your 1D cravings until then!

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