Skate and Surf Festival Moves to Six Flags

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Do you love seeing amazing bands?  Do you love riding roller coasters?  How about riding roller coasters with amazing bands after seeing them play?  RHETORICAL QUESTIONS.  OF COURSE YOU DO.  And with Skate and Surf 2013, it’s all happening.

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The return of the Skate and Surf festival has been incredibly exciting.  We loved Bamboozle (which was basically the same thing), but we, as a people, love anything that invokes nostalgia within us.  Of course, for 2013, the fest has plenty of new acts, and now, a new venue.  It has just been announced that Skate and Surf will be held at Six Flags theme park in Jackson, NJ, rather than in its original location, Freehold.  Why the big change less than a month before the event?

The logistics of executing an event like Skate And Surf have changed over the past few months. With advance parking reaching near capacity, longer shuttle service experiences expected and increased requirements to secure an event like this, we decided to relocate this year’s event to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ.

We chose Six Flags Great Adventure as it is the closest venue to iPlay America in Freehold, under 12 miles. This means that no hotel changes are needed, as the Freehold hotels also service Six Flags. This will also alleviate the need for any shuttle services. We will now be able to offer all Skate And Surf Festival fans on-site parking in addition to easy mass transit options to and from New York City. Ticketing will be simple, as all guests will enter through Six Flags’ main entrance. We will increase the capacity so that more fans have an opportunity to share in the return of the festival.

This change already helped out the fans, but when you hear an event is going to be at a theme park, you expect a little bonus…and we got just that.  All Skate and Surf ticket holders will receive FREE full day admission to the park, starting at 10:30 am.  And we thought the portable carnival rides at Bamboozle were good…

There will now also be a “Ride with the Band” program, where performing bands will publicly post times that they will be going on rides so that fans can join them.  Who wouldn’t want to ride Kingda Ka with Andrew W.K. or Nitro with Fall Out Boy?  Or maybe hit up the Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel with Glassjaw?  The possibilities are endless and I need to calm down and stop thinking about them now.

You can read the full press release with even more information about the big change here.  Who’s going?!  With what band do YOU want to ride the coasters?

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