Muse Reveals The “Madness” They Have Planned For The Brit Awards

As we all know, we’re in the prime of awards season, and the UK is certainly stepping up their game this year for the annual Brit Awards! And what better way to dominate the ratings then with a musical performance from “Muse,” who are up for both Best British Group AND Best Live Act? Lead singer Matt Bellamy said:

“We’re going to perform there hopefully with a full orchestra and choir to do a full rendition of ‘Supremacy,’ which is the first song on the album.”

This admission has many people questioning just why Muse feels the need to have such an out-there performance, to which the band’s drummer, Dominic Howard, clarifies:

“The Brits are more like the Golden Globes when compared to the Oscars.  Everyone’s sitting around, eating dinner, drinking, chatting.  You watch the Golden Globes, and you can’t hear what the presenters are saying because everyone’s just chatting in the background.  The Brits are a little bit like that.”

Well, whatever the reason, I have no doubt that the performance will be just as epic as the band’s music.  Best of luck, guys!

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