Faded Friday: 20 Best Psychedelic Songs

Faded Friday Top 10 Psychedelic Songs

Happy Friday, everyone! In honor of every stoners favorite holiday tomorrow, I’ve decided to do a special post dedicated to all things trippy.  Here are my personal top 20 psychedelic songs of all time, all paired with a trippy gif for your viewing pleasure. Breathe easy, stay safe, and enjoy!

1) “White Rabbit” – Jefferson Airplane

Remember what the door mouse said: feed your head, feed your head.

Psychedelic Songs Trippy Alice In Wonderland Gif

2) “In A Gadda Da Vida” – Iron Butterfly

I dare you to make it through all 17 minutes of this!

Psychedelic Iron Butterfly Gif

3) “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” – The Beatles

So maybe it’s because of a child’s drawing. Still a great song!

Psychedelic Gifs Beatles Lucy Sky Diamonds

4) The entire “Ummagumma” Album – Pink Floyd

Try to pick one track from this, it’s impossible.  The whole album is pure trip-tastic gold!


Psychedelic Gif Pink Floyd Ummagumma Full Album

5) “The Joker” – Steve Miller Band

A stoner classic for the ages.  Do they call you the space cowboy?


Psychedelic Gif Steve Miller Band Space Cowboy

6) “Cassandra Gemini” – The Mars Volta

Approximately 13 songs in one. Can’t go wrong.

Psychedelic Cats Kittens Gif Mars Volta

7) “Where Is My Mind?” – Pixies


Psychedelic Gif Pixies Where Is My Mind

8) “People Are Strange” – The Doors

When you’re alone.

Psychedelic Gif Doors People Are Strange

9) “Ego Tripping On The Gates Of Hell” – The Flaming Lips

You must be tripping, just ego tripping.

Psychedelic Gif Flaming Lips

10) “Santeria” – Sublime

Had a million dollars? Spent it ALL?

Psychedelic Gif Sublime Santeria

11)  “False Start” – Bikini Kill

Are you a stoner AND a riot grrrl?  If so, it’s your lucky day!

Psychedelic Gif False Start Kathleen Hanna Bikini Kill Riot Grrrl

12) “Itchycoo Park” – Small Faces

What WILL you do?


13) “Casey Jones” – The Grateful Dead

Just make sure to watch your speed on this one.

Psychedelic Gif Grateful Dead Casey Jones

14) “Purple Haze” – Jimi Hendrix

Scuse me while I kiss the sky.


Psychedelic Gif Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

15) “Kashmir” – Led Zeppelin

All will be revealed.

Psychedelic Gif Kashmir Led Zeppelin

16) “Venus In Furs” – Velvet Underground

Shiny, shiny.

Psychedelic Gif Velvet Underground Venus In Furs

17) “Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz

I got sunshine in a bag.

Psychedelic Gif Gorillaz Clint Eastwood

18) “Lotus Flower” – Radiohead

Get ready to dance like this:

Psychedelic Gif Radiohead Lotus Flower

19) “White Room” – Cream

Get your black curtains ready.

Psychedelic Gif Cream White Room

20) “Keep On Moving” – Bob Marley & The Whalers

Cue horns.

Psychedelic Gif Bob Marley

…So, how’d I do? I don’t know about you, but…

Psychedelic Dog Trippy Picture






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