City Lights – The Way Things Should Be

City Lights The Way Things Should Be

Fans of Blink-182, Sum 41, and Save The Day, get ready to have a new favorite album: “The Way Things Should Be,” by City Lights (via InVogue Records,) has just been released, and it’s fantastic! “The Way Things Should Be” is a clear tribute to 90’s punk: hard, fast, dirty…but still admittedly a whole lot of fun. City Lights grab ears from the very first track, “I’m Sick Of It,” and manage to keep the rock ‘n’ roll going until the very end. Be sure to check out “Mistakes,” an awesome mixture of Green Day with a hint of Brand New, and “See You At The Top,” a surprisingly melodic jam about never giving up.  I would go on, but I feel like this excerpt from their press release does this album more justice than I ever could…

“Flashback to 1999. Saves The Day’s ‘Through Being Cool’ and Blink 182’s ‘Enema Of The State’ are unleashed upon the punk scene and change things forever. The boys in City Lights were just little punkers back then. But even at such a young age, the development of an addiction was inveitable. An addiction to circle pits, stage dives, pogo jumping, and push-moshing that would seemingly never die. Fast-forward to present day. Look no further than City Lights to provide you with the soundtrack to the aforementioned activities. Plain and simple, it’s pop punk the way it should be. No gimmicks, no scene-cred. Just ultra-catchy songs with enough energy to crowd surf you around the world twice. See you in the pit.”


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