Allston Pudding Puts Together Boston Marathon Relief Mixtape

allston pudding, boston marathon, mixtape
In quick response to the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings, Allston Pudding has put together a digital mixtape, charging $1 or more, and graciously sending all proceeds to the One Fund Boston.

The mixtape features 130 songs from 130 bands, most of which are from the Boston music scene, showing support for their city.  The site posted about how everything came together and how positive the response has been:

We posted a call for song donations on our Facebook page, and within a matter of minutes, our inbox was flooded with messages from musicians looking to help in any way…Support came from all over New England, as well as various States throughout the Nation, from North Carolina to Illinois, to California. Multiple genres appear throughout the playlist as well, making it a diverse and a curious mix for any kind of listener.

Great music from fantastic people for a wonderful cause.  How could you go wrong?  Renew your faith in humanity and your local scene while helping out those affected by the bombings.  You can download and donate right now at the Allston Pudding bandcamp.

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