Thirty Seconds to Mars Preview ‘Up in the Air’ Video with Dita Von Teese

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“Mars is coming.”  The short film made for Thirty Seconds to Mars’ first single off Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams is on the way, and to peak our interest the band released a teaser featuring the famous burlesque beauty, Dita Von Teese.

The clip features the performer dressed up (or down?) in bedazzled pink lingerie and a matching cowgirl hat, seductively staring into our souls the camera.  A semi-transparent lion roars in the background while Von Teese effortlessly and enticingly rides a padded pink mechanical bull, stiletto boots perched up on sparkling horns.  Yeah, you’ll be sticking around for the full video.

thirty seconds to mars
The teaser also has approximately two seconds of quickly flashing images, which include flowers, a zebra, soldiers, a woman covered in butterflies, a knife, and a large handful more if you feel like playing the “let’s see how fast I can press pause” game.  The connection among all of these symbols is unclear, but we’re hoping for some answers when the full short film is released.  All we know is that it will definitely be captivating and provocative, just like Thirty Seconds to Mars has shown us in past videos.

The short film for “Up in the Air” will also feature Damien Hirst, Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Wieber, Maxwell Snow, Neil Strauss, and a whole bunch of wild animals.

Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams releases on May 21st.  You can listen to “Up In The Air” here.  WHO’S EXCITED?!

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