Muse Unveils Trippy New Music Video For “Panic Station”

Muse Panic Station New Music Video

QUICK! What do you get when you mix a comic book, Godzilla, The Island Of Misfit Mascots, and a tab of that brown acid you probably shouldn’t have taken?!

…Anyone? No?

The answer is the just-released tripped-out new video for Muse’s “Panic Station,” which leaves you with countless deep life questions.  To name just a few:

  1. Does Tokyo ALWAYS look like The Matrix?
  2. Why can’t Muse seem to ever be able march in sync with each other?
  3. Is wearing all-neon acceptable again?
  4. Why is Matt Bellamy wearing a jacket made of skinned Muppets…and where can I buy one?
  5. Where can I find myself a mascot conga line to join?

If you can answer ANY of these for me, please let me know, because I’m on the absolute edge of my seat!  In all seriousness though, Muse did a stellar job of making a psychedelic video for the ages in “Panic Station,” and will have you joining in on the dance party in no time.  You can check out the trippy masterpiece below, and let us know: did “Panic Station” make you smile?  Or just make you roll your eyes?

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