Lana Del Rey is ‘Young & Beautiful’ in New Song Preview

lana del rey, young & beautiful, the great gatsby
The soundtrack alone for The Great Gatsby might be enough of a reason to go see it in theaters.  With covers from huge names like Beyonce and Jack White and new music from Florence and the Machine, The xx, Jay-Z, and now my queen Lana Del Rey, I almost don’t even care how well the actors portray their characters (okay, that’s a lie).

Del Rey has previously stated that her new music will be more “spiritual and cinematic,” and this could be an appropriate little taste.  The thirty second preview is reminiscent of Paradise with its subtle, yet emotional magnificence (blissfully ignoring the lyrics to “Cola” right now).  From the lyrics we’ve heard so far in “Young & Beautiful,” it’s a love song that also showcases insecurities.  The preview ends right as the song is building up in a way that had me pressing replay hoping for just a little bit more.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack is set to release on May 7, three days before the movie hits theaters.  I already know I love at least thirty seconds of it, so who wants to go?!

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