PSY Redefines ‘Gentleman’ in Hilarious New Video

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I have to give it to PSY- I was fairly unimpressed with the similarities between “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” but the music video for the new single is certainly making up for it.  The man is downright entertaining.

The video for “Gentleman” is essentially PSY acting like the complete opposite of the well-mannered adult that the song title implies.  He parades around with a group of fellow nicely dressed men and shows Ashton and Justin who the true prankster is.  He messes with pretty ladies wherever he can, whether it be at the gym or a restaurant, interferes in kids’ soccer games, and of course, pelvic thrusts throughout all of it.  He even brings Yoo Jae-Seok back (the guy in the yellow suit from “Gangnam Style”), though Yoo is also put on the unfortunate receiving end of his pranks.  PSY is loving it, and so are we.  I’ve even begun to accept the song as its own entity.

He finally meets his match in Ga-In, a fellow K-Pop star, and more importantly, a fellow prankster.  The two combine powers and swing their hips into the night together (with plenty of background dancers to spare, of course).  There are even some funny bloopers of the two at the end of the video.

Will the video for “Gentleman” also reach 1.5 billion views on YouTube?  It’s at 67 million at the moment, so at least a close second could be possible.  Watch it below and let us know if you enjoy it or if the video is also a bit too “Gangnam Style” for you…or if you don’t care either way.

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