New Lana Del Rey Will Be More “Spiritual”

lana del rey

Lana Del Rey has been absolutely slaying lately, and we love it.  She just won a BRIT award for International Female Solo Artist, and everywhere I look I’m still seeing gorgeous GIFs from her “Born to Die” music video.  We can’t get enough, and fortunately, Miss Lizzie Grant is currently working on her next full-length, which she spoke about with BBC Radio 1:

It’s a little more stripped down but still cinematic and dark. I’ve been working on it really slowly but I love everything I’ve done. I’ve been writing in Santa Monica and I know what the record sounds like. Musically, I’ve worked with the same three guys. Now I just have to finish it.

She also stated that she has “moved on to a more spiritual place lyrically,” which will hopefully be evident on her new track, “Black Beauty,” a song Del Rey has already envisioned a music video for in her head:

As soon as I write the words to a song, I can paint exactly what I want the picture to look like.

So, does this mean no more infamous Lana Del Rey lyrics about soda-flavored body parts?  Spirituality can be a bit of an ambiguous word.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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