Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding “Need Your Love” In New Video

Calvin Harris Ellie Goulding New Music Video

…Aaand the Oscar for most convincing fake couple goes to…CALVIN HARRIS AND ELLIE GOULDING!  The blonde EDM heartthrobs have just released a new video for “I Need Your Love” together, and it’s cute enough to actually make you squeal.  Harris, rumored to be dating Victoria’s Secret model Anne V, and Goulding, who is currently dating Jeremy Irvine, put their significant others aside to film a day of adorable romance for the self-shot-style video.  When pictures of the couple shooting the video sparked real-life romance rumors, Goulding was quick to clarify:

“It’s funny pretending to be someone’s girlfriend for the day! It’s very strange. But, you know, me and Calvin are such good friends, we just had a laugh. We talked about it, we knew what the concept was, and we were just texting and laughing about it, thinking it was funny.”

Rolling around in bed with Calvin Harris for a day? That CERTAINLY sounds fun!  Overall, “Love” is a perfect video for a lighthearted summer anthem that everyone should definitely check out.  As for Harris and Goulding?  You two don’t need our love, you already have it.

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