Drake Releases New Track – ‘Girls Love Beyonce’

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It seems as though Drake has finally caught on with his new song, “Girls Love Beyonce.”  Girls generally DO love Beyonce, so naming a song after said affinity and featuring the hook of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” should be a surefire attention-grabber.  Too bad what comes after the play button is clicked is sort of a mess.

The track is a slow jam featuring an unsatisfied Drake err…singing(?) about how he is “scared of commitment” and how he thinks his “love life is finished.”  The verses are noticeably reminiscent of “Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean, but don’t replicate the perfect flow.  The music and words don’t mesh well, resulting in the whole track feeling off.  The chorus  features James Fauntleroy singing the chorus of “Say My Name,” but he sounds like he’s drunk and/or dying, slurring through the consonants and notes.  The two fail to capture the pure magic of the original 1999 hit, and fail to create magic of their own in the 21st century.

Hey, maybe my opinion is “wrong;” I’ve seen quite a few people post the song around today.  But all musicality aside, why name a song “Girls Love Beyonce” that has nothing to do with the singer?  Could it be a…marketing ploy?

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We’ll see what becomes of this new track, but I wouldn’t be too shocked if it fell flat on its face…

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Too soon?

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