Kelly Rowland – “Kisses Down Low” Music Video

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Unless I have seriously missed some deep, hidden meanings in this song, yes, the title “Kisses Down Low” does mean what you’re thinking.  When Kelly Rowland fiercely ascended and planted her heels on the stage for the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl reunion, she also planted her name right back on the map.  Strategic Convenient timing, as it came right around the release of her new single.

The video for “Kisses Down Low” is colorful and shows off Kelly’s versatility, at least when it comes to her hair.  She rocks her newest straightened hair plus bangs style, along with an array of wigs.  My favorite is easily the short, bright red one, as it reminds me of Kelly’s look during the “Dilemma” days.

“Kisses Down Low” is fairly straight-forward, but really not too lyrically distasteful when you think of some other songs out there nowadays.  The chorus is catchy; just be careful when it gets stuck in your head and you’re singing this aloud at the bus stop:

I like my kisses down low
Makes me arch my back
When you gave it to me slow
Baby just like that

The video is SFW, with only Ms. Rowland herself appearing in front of the camera.  She is looking quite good if I do say so myself, and as my favorite DC member (don’t worry, I still praise Queen B), I’m hoping this song and video will show her some success.

Watch “Kisses Down Low” …down below!

Now available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes:

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