Jimi Hendrix Wows With “People, Hell, and Angels”

Jimi Hendrix People Hell and Angels


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Phew, okay, I’m calm.

As we all know, and still cry about sometimes, the God of guitar, Jimi Hendrix, has been dead for well over 40 years. Luckily for the world, the people in control of Hendrix’s estate release an album of completely new, from-the-vault material every couple of years to keep his name and influence alive. While the new album features classic Hendrix jam-band sounds, it surprised me by featuring plenty of experimental material, keeping me guessing as to what would come next, until the very last second. Janie Hendrix, Jimi’s step-sister, commented on his official website about the new direction of the album, saying:

“The new tracks and album show a creative path Hendrix was looking to explore, the recordings encompass a variety of unique sounds and styles incorporating many of the elements—horns, keyboards, percussion, and second guitar—Jimi wanted to incorporate within his new music. ‘People, Hell and Angels,’ presents some of the finest Jimi Hendrix guitar work ever issued and provides a compelling window into his growth as a songwriter, musician and producer.”

The first single off the album was “Somewhere,” which was a blues classic with a psychedelic twist, and featured fellow legends Buddy Miles (on drums) and Stephen Stills (on bass). The song simply BELONGS at an outdoor music festival, and the trippy vibe will have you relaxed and completely tranced-out in no time. Other songs on the album, like the instant-classics “Bleeding Heart,” “Villanova Junction Blues,” and “Hey Gypsy Boy” stick to the bluesy feel, and are perfectly paired with the poetic lyrics that resonate as classic Hendrix.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out “Earth Blues,” which demonstrates a surprisingly tame – but no less fantastic – Hendrix, complete with female backing vocals that sound way ahead of their time.  Another great listen is, “Let Me Move You,” which displays the influence that Hendrix’s time spent with Little Richard had on his unique musical style.

Overall, “People, Hell, and Angels,” is a fabulous compilation that highlights Hendrix’s vast knowledge of different guitar styles, lyrical content, and distortion techniques that should not be missed. The album is available now on iTunes. So, take a listen, and as Jimi once said:

“When I die, just keep on playing the records.”

I know I will.

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