Jason Newsted Channels Dr. Evil

In a super-mature move, former Metallica bass player Jason Newsted has finally given an answer to the frequently-asked question of if he would tour with his former band again by responding that only if they paid him “a squillion dollars.”  Yes, really, a grown man – who has been a part of freakin’ METALLICA, no less – said that.

Want to know what’s even better?  He followed up his statement with more conditions for a reunion, saying, “If they were ‘brofessional’ about it and if they came as brothers and they were professional with the meeting and they’re sitting there and looking me in the eye and the managers aren’t around.”

So, to summarize: want Newsted back in the band? Be genuine about it, and then give him “one squillion dollars.”

Are you picturing him stroking a white cat yet? Because we totally are.

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