Hendrix Goes “Somewhere” On Trippy New Track

Hey, you! Yeah…you! Put down whatever you’re doing, because I can GUARANTEE it’s not more important than this:




Do I have your attention yet? Good.  As I was saying, classic rock junkies such as myself rejoiced yesterday when iTunes gave us the gift that truly keeps on giving: a just-released Hendrix song.  But wait! There’s more. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “A new Hendrix song?! It doesn’t get better than that!’  Well you would be WRONG, my friend, because the new 1968 track features fellow legends Buddy Miles (on drums) and Stephen Stills (on bass.)

The blues track, deeply rooted in the heart of psychedelia, is the first single off the promised hit album “People, Hell, & Angels,” which will be released worldwide on March 5th, 2013. It features Hendrix exploring new sounds, including classic jam-band solos with a twist, and Jimi’s ever-present legendary word play which will both make your mouth gape in amazement while having the unmistakeable feeling of being…well, quite frankly, a little high.  The trippy track has the music community buzzing about just how incredible this album is going to be, and all of us here at JamSpreader can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.  If the 2010 release of “Valleys Of Neptune” (which shot to #1 on the iTunes music charts more than 40 years after his death,) is any indication of where this album will go, we should have nothing to worry about.

All challengers of Hendrix? Move over. Let Jimi take over.

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