Yellowcard Release ‘Ocean Avenue Acoustic’ Trailer and Details!

ocean avenue, yellowcard, acoustic
BE STILL, MY FOREVER-BEATING MIDDLE SCHOOL POP PUNK HEART.  After some murky details about an acoustic album of the fan favorite Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, the band has officially announced its release date, AND put up a trailer that will have you nostalgia-ing all over the place.

yellowcard, ocean avenue acoustic, feels

ALL of the feels.

Ocean Avenue Acoustic is set to come out August 13.  I know, that seems “way away,” but at least it’s not “one year, six months” away!  OKAY, I’ll stop.  The stripped down album will be released in celebration of Ocean Avenue‘s ten year anniversary (yes, we’re old).  Here is the full artwork:

ocean avenue acoustic, yellowcard, pop punk
The trailer features a handful of fans talking about Ocean Avenue and Yellowcard.  They speak about how they were introduced to the band, how their music has affected them, and what it means to them.  There is also an acoustic version of the title track playing, which still features drums and violin along with the guitar.

You can pre-order the album from Hopeless Records here (there are some sweet bundles).  What track are you most excited to hear?  I think that “View From Heaven” should be pretty special.  Watch the trailer below!

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