Check Out Some Behind The Scenes “Fun.”

The “fun.” is showing no signs of slowing down, and we’re eagerly anticipating how the band will outdo themselves next.  Just because they took home two Grammys earlier this month doesn’t mean it’s time to relax; there is a new music video for “Why Am I The One” already on its way.  MTV even posted a behind the scenes clip with a few sneak peeks and the band discussing the video’s concept.

The music video will mainly be following a lost piece of luggage, but don’t worry, there will be suited up members of Fun. sprinkled in as well.  Sounds simple enough, but guitarist Jack Antonoff explains how it goes deeper than just a silly chase:

I think there’s a lot of metaphors in [the video] that you could draw with us and the past year we’ve had, but it’s a video that I hope will make people feel very different the next time they go to the airport and give their bag away…It’s a very serious video that, on paper, might seem a little tongue in cheek, but at least the way it’s written, it’s meant to be pretty deep…And I think that’s OK, it’s exciting and it’s valuable for the fans of the music to know that, that it’s not just this giant dream sequence…There’s a level of sacrifice that makes it worth it even more; so, to me, there’s a romanticism to it, when you look at the dark side.

Watch the the behind the scenes clip below!

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