One Direction Sees Double With Their Wax Figures!

One Direction Wax Figures

If you were one of the few who doubted that the dreamboats of One Direction could be replicated in wax…behold:

One Direction Wax Figures

BOOM. I do believe that this is pretty much the definition of “nailing it,” don’t you agree? Madame Tussaud’s London PR manager Nicole Fenner explains that she was worried about the outcome, as the sculptures only got in two meetings with the band:

“We managed to get two sittings with them and hopefully the guests that they wanted to see will be pleased to see them here.”

I think it’s safe to say that fans worldwide will be pleased with the statues, as they are impressive to say the very least! The boys luckily had the opportunity to meet their wax-tastic twins shortly before the unveiling in London today, before parting with them for the next twelve weeks while the figures go “on tour,” leaving to head over to New York City from July 19th to October 11th, before heading to Sydney from October 19th to January 28th.

What do you think: Did Tussaud’s manage to capture the boys beauty, or could they have done better?



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