Becky G – Play It Again EP

Becky G

The young 16 year old MC Becky G has been releasing songs mainly on Youtube for a few years now and has been getting major recognition as the next big thing. Her mix of rapping and singing is very unique and different and Becky G looks to use that to her advantage. She has already been attatched to big artist such as Kesha for her “Die Young” remix, Jennifer Lopez with her remixed song “Becky From The Block” and remixes with She has also been featured on singles by up and coming stars as well such as Cher Lloyd and Cody Simpson. Her EP, “Play It Again” released on July 16th has had a lot of anticipation by fans because it is her first major release with new and original music. You may be seeing a lot of the singer/songwriter/rapper as she is getting primed up to be the next big thing and is already being backed up by major artist.

The first single of the EP is the title track “Play It Again” which is a perfect blend of a pop sounding hook along with great rap verses. It’s great for the radio and very different from anything others have to offer. Another top track off the album is “Can’t Get Enough” featuring Pitbull which is a catchy latin sounding track. This shows her versatility very well as this is a more pop/dance oriented song unlike some of her other tracks off the EP such as “Built Like This” which is more of a hip hop track. “Zoomin Zoomin” is probably the weakest song off the EP as it is just a decent track and doesn’t offer much. “Lovin What You Do” is more of a slowed down track with R&B influences all over it.

Overall it is a solid EP that pleases many fans who have been waiting for new material by Becky G. She actually has a solid voice so it’s not another Nicki Minaj where she attempts to sing these powerful hooks along with rapping verses. The good thing about this emerging artist is that there is a slot perfect for her because what other female artist besides Nicki Minaj do you see releasing big pop sounding hooks along with hip hop sounding verses?

The EP altogether isn’t entirely great but it is good and solid introduction for an artist just beginning her career. She is only 16 and looks to have a promising career ahead of herself. With lines like “Not a cheetah, I’m a lioness They saying that I’m the best And I ain’t drop an album yet” we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the young singer/songwriter/rapper.

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