Listen To Beach Fossils’ New Album “Clash The Truth”

An early contender for best albums of 2013, Dustin Payseur’s aka Beach Fossils‘ new album Clash The Truth is now streaming in full via Hype Machine. This would be Beach Fossils’ first proper full length release since his debut self-titled album, Beach Fossils in 2010. Clash The Truth proves to be worth the wait. Where Beach Fossils began as a bedroom janglely, surf rock project, Beach Fossils is now a full fledged band. Dustin Payseur recruited help from Thomas Gardner (drums), Jack Doyle Smith (bass), and Tommy Davidson (guitar). The band lineup update is evident on Clash The Truth. Beach Fossils’ hoped to capture the energy of their live performance on Clash The Truth, and they nailed it. Clash The Truth never seems to let up steam besides the few interludes sprinkled through the album. “Generational Synthentic” sounds like a homage to 80s post-punk, and easily the best track on the album. The album comes down at “Ascension,” which makes me feel like I’m floating at the bottom of an ocean before coming up for air for the final track “Crashed Out.”

Clash The Truth delivers upon listeners a more kinetic, urgent, and energetic experience. Beach Fossils have come a long way since the bedroom days, and have matured into a standout force in the Brooklyn music scene. Clash The Truth is out next tuesday via Captured Tracks.

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