Foals’ Holy Fire Released

Foals are one of those bands who, with each release, mature their sound for the better. Their newest album, Holy Fire, is no different to their progression in sound and maturity. Holy Fire is the follow up to the great 2010 album, Total Life Forever. Holy Fire opens up with “Prelude,” a 4 minute instrumental whose beat builds up and up before transitioning into “Inhaler.” “Inhaler” is an interesting track, as it’s probably the bands heaviest musically, and could easily stir up a crowd at any summer festival. Yannis Philippakis’ vocals sound better than ever here, seeing more confidence and improvement over previous albums. The band also seems to be able to still bring in some of their Antidotes era sound in tracks like “My Number.” A standout track, I would not blame you if you were caught dancing and singing along to that one. Holy Fire is arguably the band’s most ambitious effort to date, and sees the band becoming comfortable in their sound they been crafting for the past 6 years.

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