Honeyslide Releasing 10″ with Critical Heights

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Honeyslide is a quickly evolving shoegaze trio from the UK, and if this is the first time you’re reading about them, know that it certainly won’t be the last.  The band is composed of Josh (guitar), Moses (guitar/vocals) and Meytal (bass/vocals), three young and talented musicians who are here to make a mark in alternative music with their new 10″ being released via Critical Heights.

The 10″ will feature four tracks:

1. Drippin’
2. Untitled #240
3. Deep Architecture
4. Sugar Routine

After listening to both “Drippin'” and “Sugar Routine,” the June 25 release of the full 10″ feels too far.

“Drippin'” is the band’s first ever written song (not that you could tell) and features reverb galore with droning, distorted guitars and coaxing vocals that are soft, teetering on the edge of airy to create the wonderful blend of instrumentation that we love about the shoegaze genre.

“Sugar Routine” is a much more upbeat song, greeting us with major chords from a cleaner guitar tone that has found its way to the surface.  The song is a short and sweet (dare I say…sugary?) indie summer jam that still holds true to shoegaze with its passive vocals drenched in effects to merge into the famous “wall of sound.”

Check out the artwork:

honeyslide, artwork
Listen to “Drippin'” and “Sugar Routine” below and “like” Honeyslide on Facebook while you’re at it, because the band is planning many shows for the remainder of the year, and you won’t want to miss them!

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