Mariah Carey Recording “Almost Home” For “Oz: The Great And Powerful” Soundtrack, Album In The Works

Mariah Carey is back and ready to take over once again! Queen MiMi has confirmed that she is in the process of not only recording a song for the “Oz: The Great And Powerful,” along with a full-length comeback album! The movie’s single is set to drop February 19th, with the video premiering March 8th, the same day the film hits theatres.  As for the album?  Get pumped, because Mariah is NOT taking her comeback lightly, with her producer, Bryan Michael-Cox telling MTV:

“She was committed to making it before she got pregnant. Then she got pregnant and she took the time off. Then after she came back, we started really vibing again and we picked up right where we left off. I just feel like between Jermaine [Dupri], myself and her, we came up with a few things that [are] really, really a solid body of work.”

It sounds to me like Mariah really wants this comeback to work, and not to be another Triumphant disaster.  Here’s to hoping for a hit, although with Mariah truly putting her mind to it, I’m expecting nothing less than perfection!

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