Mariah Carey Working To Release “Triumphant” New Single, “Hope Street”


It’s been a rollercoaster couple of years for Mariah Carey (or “Queen All-Octave, as I like to call her.) She’s gotten married to Nick Cannon, had two kids, twins Moroccan and Monroe (AKA “Roc & Roe,” AKA “Dem Babies,”) released an album (that flopped, but we’re going to ignore that fact,) AND began working as a judge on American Idol. Unbeknownst to us, in between all of this, she has been working on yet ANOTHER new album, complete with a brand new single, titled “Hope Street.” According to KIIS FM in Los Angeles:

“This isn’t cheesy rent-a-rapper Mariah who squeals every note possible. It is awesome, experimental, and sounds like a Joni Mitchell record on steroids. Mariah uses the lower register of her voice to an amazing effect”

Mariah Carey sounding like Joni Mitchell, you say? Well, I certainly have my doubts, but MiMi hasn’t let me down yet, accept for her last single, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Can’t wait to hear it!

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