Backstreet’s Back (in the Studio) – Alright!

backstreet boys, nick carter, brian littrell, aj mclean, howie dorough, kevin richardson
The Backstreet Boys told us that 2013 was going to be a “big year” for them, and the forever-dreamy boy (man?) band are pretty determined not to let us down.  They already patched the gaping holes in our hearts by recently reinstating Kevin Richardson and announcing a BSB cruise (um, YES) for their 20th anniversary…what now?

Well, not only are the Backstreet Boys recording a new album, but accompanying them in the studio is Max Martin, a.k.a. the guy behind “I Want It That Way.”  They’ve even been rewarding us for our patience with twitter and instagram updates.  What other way could we ever want?

backstreet boys, max martin, studio

Max Martin, as tweeted by Brian Littrell.

A BSB documentary is also currently in the works, set to release in 2014.  The 90’s are calling, and I am answering on the first ring.  The world needs a reminder that “As Long As You Love Me” is a Backstreet Boys song (coughJustinBeibercough) and that 1D wasn’t the first boy band to make us weak at the knees.  WHO’S READY?

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