Nicki Minaj & Ciara Release New Track, ‘I’m Out’

nicki minaj, ciara, i'm out
Nicki Minaj has collaborated with just about every mainstream music artist by now, so it’s no surprise that she’s featured on Ciara’s new song, “I’m Out.”  The song will appear on Ciara’s self-titled album out July 5.

The ladies rap and sing about how their men left them for other women in this revenge-ridden and self-esteem launching summer track.  The ex-boyfriends apparently left them for other women, so what better way to make them regret the breakups than with posting revealing pictures on the Internet and threatening to beat up their new partners?  They also talk about celebrating their breakups though, so there is a bit of confusion…but it’s not like a newly single woman has never been confused about her feelings before, so we’ll let it slide.

They proclaim: “ladies, it’s your song,” though songs about having to look sexy on the dance floor to get a man’s attention don’t usually constitute as powerful girl power anthems to me.  But, hey, if lyrics like “I got a big ass/big dicks follow” make you feel good, blast away.

You can hear the song and rap along below.  I’m out.

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