It’s Here! My Bloody Valentine Post New Album “M B V”

22 years in the making, My Bloody Valentine’s follow up to the brilliant 1991 Loveless, M B V has been released. On first listen, this sounds like the album that could have easily came out a year or two after Loveless. Almost as if the band stuck this album in a time capsule 20 some odd years ago, and opened it in 2013. Now, this isn’t a bad thing at all, but may be a bit underwhelming to fans expecting dramatic change in their sound. Vocals are still to a whisper, guitars are fuzzy, and production has that untracked VHS quality to it. M B V may not be a significant departure from Loveless, but it’s good to see the band back in form and releasing solid new material after such a long hiatus.

M B V is now available for digital download in various formats, with CD and vinyl releases on pre-order right now. You can stream the album below.

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