REVIEW: Billy Idol At Atlantic City’s House Of Blues

Billy Idol Guitar

Flexin' with myse-elffff, woah oh oh...

Flexin’ with myse-elffff, woah oh oh…ou,

This past Saturday I had the incredible opportunity to see the one and only Billy Idol at House Of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and let me tell you, it was QUITE a show!  Still looking as hot as he did in 1983 when his smash hit “Rebel Yell” was released, Idol stormed the stage a little over an hour after doors opened to an amped-up, sold out crowd that was ready to rock, and they certainly got their money’s worth!  Starting off an impressive 17-song set

and 2-song encore with “Ready To Go,” Idol got the eclectic crowd warmed up before seamlessly transitioning into “Dancing With Myself,” which was when things got REALLY interesting.  With an audience consisting of everyone from small

children (stop worrying, it was an all-ages show,) to 70 year old rockers, Billy managed to successfully have everyone forget their worries and dance like no one was watching.

Actual footage of the crowd.

Actual footage of the crowd.

Throughout the set, Idol impressed with a pitch-perfect voice and rockin’ body to match, which he took every opportunity to show off with multiple shirt

changes, all done in a striptease manner for a screaming audience.  And hey, with a bod like his, who wouldn’t get neeeeked all the time?

Hi, I want to bake cookie on your stomach.

Hi, I want to bake cookies on your stomach.

During a couple of times throughout the night, Idol whipped out his “untouchables” a guitar and wailed out a couple chords before handing the shredding duties back over to his amazing lead guitarist, Steve Stevens. Stevens – after cracking me up with his name –  made everyone’s jaw drop with a nearly five minute guitar solo that would make Hendrix nod his head in approval and Slash green with envy, keeping the crowd entertained while Idol caught his breath.  After the solo, Billy stormed back onstage – sans shirt, mind you – to finish off the show on a high note with an encore of “White Wedding” and “Mony Mony.”

After the encore, Billy took the time to show his appreciation for his other band members: lead guitarist Steve Stevens, bassist Stephen McGrath, keyboardist Derek Sherinian, drummer Jeremy Colson, and rhythm guitarist Billy Morrison (of Camp Freddy & The Cult), before introducing himself in his typical understated way:


A good night, indeed.

Billy Idol Group Shot

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