Meticulous Women – Meticulous Women

Meticulous Women

Ugh. Women, hamiright? Especially the Meticulous ones…what a pain!

Just kidding, Meticulous Women are rad, and they just released their debut self-titled album fo’ FREE!

The album kicks off with the static-filled “Don’t Listen To Her,” which has enough reverb to make Palma Violets green with envy. Simplistic guitars twang aggressively over wailed lyrics, “Please don’t listen to her, please don’t listen to her…” Next is “Pink Fires,” a track that brings listeners down from the rage that obviously fuels “Don’t Listen To Her.” You won’t able to stop from nodding your head with “Pink Fires” infectiously bluesy beat, which is perfectly complimented to the frontman Diego’s Clash-esque vocals. Following “Pink Fires” is the wild, chaotic “End Women,” before blasting into the 1950’s-sounding “Officer Denims,” which will make you feel like you just stepped out of a Sock Hop. “Ali-Gator” comes next, and keeps with the older sound trend, but shifts the focus to combative, unrelenting percussion. “Giselle” is a stand-out track, telling a story of the singer’s lady love. “I’ve been up, down, everywhere baby, looking for my girl,” he reminisces, “She’s got yellow hair and bright green eyes, and she goes by the name of Giselle…” Meticulous Women wraps up with “Demolicion,” a straight-up mashup throwback of 50’s and 60’s rock, before the melodic “Folk Horse” gives one final blast of reverb that will stay with you for a good long time.

Keep an eye (and ear) out for Meticulous Women, they’re going places!

Download your copy of “Meticulous Women” here.

Track Listing:

  1. Don’t Listen To Her
  2. Pink Fires
  3. End Women
  4. Officer Denims
  5. Ali-Gator
  6. Giselle
  7. Demolicion
  8. Folk Horse

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