Hafdis Huld – Home

Hafdis Huld, Home

For fans of: Bjork, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush.

If you’ve ever dreamed of jammin’ with Bjork, Joni Mitchell, or Kate Bush, you’re in luck! Icelandic singer-songwriter Hafdis Huld has just released her third album (and first in four long years), “Home,” via OK! Good Records! “Home” starts out by fading in with “Sunrise,” a sublime love song that showcases the songstress’s crystalline vocals. Next up is “Queen Bee,” the albums first single, complete with an adorable music video (below). Hafdis paints a stunning picture of a magical land: “somewhere in between the trees where the grass is green, lives a man with his queen,” she croons, “somewhere in between the trees in a world that no one sees, he creates his own army of bees…”

Following “Queen Bee” is “Lucky,” one of the album’s stand-out track. The first US single, “Lucky” is an unusually cheery tune for the normally-mellow Huld, telling the story of admiration. “Home” is a tune sprinkled with ukulele accents that float dreamily over Hafdis’s assured vocals. “Wolf” embraces Hafdis’s quirky side, displaying a near tango-ish feel, before fading into “Treasures” and “Empty Eyes,” that see her go dark and brooding. “Little Light” is another adorable ukulele tune with a slow but steady tempo pick-up. “Little Light’s” peppy lyrics are a nice pause from the heartbreak of the last few tracks, with Hafdis chirping, “laughter fills the hall, ticking clock beside me…right behind the door is the place that I should be…”

“Pop Song” is another stand-out track, where Hafdis addresses listeners directly. “People often ask me why I don’t write a song, about the nights without you, being cold and long…” She ends with sass, “I can put it in a pop song if you like, but what I feel about you doesn’t rhyme…I’d spell it out with roses at your feet, but is that really what we need?” “Never Needed You” sees the songstress get angsty again, before “Home” wraps up with one last ukulele track, “I Miss The Rain.” “I Miss The Rain” is the perfect conclusion to a fantastic record, encapsulating all things Hafdis.

You can listen to and download the full album on OK! Good Records BandCamp page, here, and check out the video for Hafdis Huld’s “Queen Bee” below!

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