Spitalfield Announce ‘Remember Right Now’ Reunion Tour

spitalfield, remember right now
Spitalfield announced their heartbreaking end as a band back in 2007, and have only played a very small handful of reunion shows since, a couple of which weren’t even publicly announced.  Join me now in my screaming and crying, because the Chicago band just announced a tenth anniversary reunion tour for their beloved album Remember Right Now.

spitalfield, remember right now
Singer/guitarist Mark Rose spoke about the album, which boasts pure early 2000’s emo gems including “I Loved the Way She Said L.A.” and “Make My Heart Attack,” along with the upcoming tour:

In 2003, when our guitarist, Dan Lowder, suggested the name Remember Right Now for the record we were making – it just made sense…Everything in my life up until that point seemed like it was building towards something. Getting me closer & closer to something that would take me very far away. I’ll never forget that feeling. Growing up, playing in a band is all I ever really wanted to do. I am truly grateful that I was able to make that shift – to take that leap into the world of recording & touring. I’m very focused on the solo material I’ve been working on, and am very excited to keep pushing forward with it. That said, this tour couldn’t have come at a better time, as I can’t help but smile & get amped up thinking about getting in the van, hanging out, & playing some old familiar songs with some of my oldest friends. If people show up to have some fun with us, that will just be a bonus.

The band, which will feature the album’s original lineup on the tour, seems to be just as amped up as we are.  Shane Henderson + the Future Effect and Jon Walker (ex-Panic! at the Disco) have been announced as openers.  Along with the written announcement, Absolutepunk.net posted a video from Spitalfield themselves.

Check out the tour poster with the show dates below, as well as the video!

spitalfield, remember right now

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