Seabound – Speak In Storms

Seabound Speak In Storms

For fans of: ATB, Zeds Dead, Schiller

For those of you that have been navigating stormy seas lately, allow us gift you with an escape: Seabound, (Frank Spinath & Martin Vorbrodt,) have just released their new album, “Speak In Storms!” The record is the group’s first in over eight years, and features an superb mix of club, electro, dance, and dubstep that will have you jamming in record time. “Speak In Storms” catches ears from the very first track, “For Life,” a spacey tune riddled with eery echoes from beyond. The album’s catchy-ness continues onto it’s second track, “Contraband,” a song sounding like a twisted blend of Zeds Dead and early Schiller. In between a steady yet infectious rhythm are floating vocals asking, “Of what are you innocent? You carry contraband into my mind as if you couldn’t kill me dead enough…” The lyrics will leave you stunned into silence as Seabound whisks you away on a journey that balances between heartbreak and revenge, and it’s masterful! Finally, make sure to check out “Liar,” a borderline track that combines elements of rock into a catchy techno jam. The ups and downs of the instrumentals pair with Seabound’s flawless vocals, making for an out of this world experience that, like the album, will leave you breathless. Well done!

Track Listing:

  1. For Life
  2. Contraband
  3. For Another Day
  4. Liberty Rose
  5. A Grown Man
  6. Everything
  7. Liar
  8. The Escape
  9. Nothing But Love
  10. Black Feathers

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